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Bignews live is a leading online portal which is publishing news, special reports, commercials, featured interviews and entertainments. Currently publishing in two languages with over 1 million reach per day across the globe, our team is expanding to become the worlds first online news portal publishing in eleven different languages with ten different sectors.

Biglive TV

Biglive TV is a streaming channel with live news telecasts, special reports, commercials, featured interviews and entertainments. We also provides special features like movies on demand and videos on demand. The live streaming is  empowered by pre roll ads, mid roll ads and display & over lay ads. focus on the current affairs in Kerala, India. We have a dedicated base of NRI  readers from GCC Countries and natives following the portal regularly.

Businesszoom business news channel covering the action from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Furthermore, it also covers the latest business deals and acts as a platform for companies to give their public results, with growth rate, net profit etc. is a dominant source providing the political news and policies in power centers across the world. will give access to reliable informations, non-partisan journalism and engages with global activities.

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