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Bigsoft combines strategy, technology, data science and creative design
to solve the most complex business and technology challenges.

Bigsoft is a leading Consultancy, trusted to provide multidisciplinary services to Corporate companies, Governments and Potential investors worldwide. We are experts in conceptualising, implementing, enhancing and innovating the Business models, Public Relations Management, Technology scaling, Digital marketing, Media management, HR management, Project Management and Property management services. Our ability to influence is the outcomes based on decades of experience and satisfaction provided at the highest level. Our specialized team of professionals, with services powered by data, artificial intelligence, analytics and digital technologies, drive innovations for our Clients by improving productivity and Business performance.



In this decade, where traditional physical media has taken a backseat, we have innovatively implemented our own Online Media House to reach out the millions of peoples across the world. Apart from providing uptodate news informations on your fingertips, it offers significant opportunities for businesses to grow and network through our platforms. We guarantee an ardent reader base across the globe. Our media team strives to achieve the best by giving consideration to the innovative concepts like homepage customization, social news boards, snackable breaking news, mood boards of articles, embeddable articles, geo based push notifications, sharelines and highlights. We are committed to combine commercial thinking with technical brilliance in online communications.

Our team of digital media experts delivering online business solutions and exceptional digital marketing results for companies worldwide. We combine commercial thinking with technical brilliance in website design and development, search engine optimization, pay per click, content generation, online communications and social media

Our Public Relation

PR leads the businesses, professional practices and organizations to greater heights by integrating all marketing and PR strategies into a single efficiently run operation. Bigsoft has proven media relations expertise, pioneering social media ingenuity, world-class strategic and creative capabilities, and a true understanding of what it takes to succeed in the dynamic and diversified commercial environment.

We offer : Strategic Communications | Reputation and Tracking analysis | Branding and Marketing | Political communications, Campaigning, Polling and Public Policy | Events

Our Mission

To guide individuals and companies for their market entry strategy, enhancing their public relation and be supporter of their business innovation, transformation and management. We are dedicated to support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization, technology and competition. Our role is to act a trusted advisor, consultant and client representative providing objective and results oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.

Our Values

Help our Clients difficult financial and business challenges and suggest solution that impact added values. Build energizing and collaborating culture with enterprising professionals from different countries.

Our Vision

“Share thoughts, achieve the goals”

We Do Things Differently Image

We Do Things Differently

Get beyond the Ordinary

Business is not usual. Today we see multiple shifts occurring simultaneously. Shifts that are broad, complex, and at high velocity and are driving new levels of disruption and value creation. The risks of not acting or acting in yesterday’s innovation paradigms are far too great. The current situation demands doing something beyond the ordinary. Organizations must confront the new realities and develop an intrinsic ability to apply innovation.